Bruny Island Beaches and Surf

Bruny Island is surrounded by crisp clean beaches and stunning bays.

Many of the beaches are edged by lovely bushland or salty scrub and sand dunes.

There are so many beaches on Bruny that there are almost enough for every family on the Island to have a beach to themselves.

The waters are incredibly clean and if your lucky you are very likely to see dolphins and occasionally a whale.

There are small beaches, large beaches and vast sandy bays on both north and south Bruny Island.

Tasmania is well known for it’s stunning photography and Bruny Island is a perfect place to take beautiful tonal photographs.

Surfing is an extremely popular pastime on Bruny Island and many surfers report surfing with dolphins.

Bruny Island is an extremely popular Tasmanian tourism destination yet it still retains a lovely rural untouched charm.

For information about Bruny Island holidays visit

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