Animals of Bruny Island

These Australian fur seals were photographed on the rocks off the coast of south Bruny Island Tasmania, they are best spotted from a boat & Bruny Island is a great place for boating. A lot of local Islanders own their own boats but there are also a few commercial boat cruises that tour the stunning Bruny Island coastline.

However you don’t need to go boating to see the ducks on Bruny Island, there are lots of cute ducks in streams & rainwater dams all across the north & south Islands.

I’m not totally sure if these are duck eggs or the eggs of a native bird but they were spotted on Bruny Island in the bush.¬†Coastal birds of Bruny Island Tasmania.

This fine looking specimen of kangaroo was photographed in the back paddock of my mum’s house in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

This slow moving Echidna was spotted trying to cross the road in Simpsons. For more info about Bruny Island

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